Plant seeds to help horses

Help plant seeds to help working horses

In many communities across Guatemala and Nicaragua, working horse owners are unable to provide the right diet and care for their working horses.

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Poor nutrition means that horses suffer. This is why we need your help today.

Owners need the means to care for their horses. The people we work with care passionately about their horses and want to see them healthy and strong, but they simply don't know how to achieve these aims.

You can help us to introduce the right feed to working horses in Central America.

Our teams show owners how to identify the grasses that are more nutritious. Owners attend our workshops to learn how to grow and harvest crops and how to manage the area where their horse grazes.

Like many working horse owners in the region, Santos used to let her horse Gitana forage for whatever weeds were available at the roadside.

Now, she sources and feeds a nutritious native grass and peanut stalks which help to give Gitana a more balanced diet.

“I am always keen to get more information that I can bring back to my community. This is the first time I have ever had anywhere to get reliable information about horse care and I am so excited about it.”

Gitana's body condition has improved dramatically.

Not only have Santos and Gitana benefited, Santos has passed on what she has learned to her children and to many more horse owners in the neighbourhood.

Horse health in the community has never been better.

Help us plant the seeds to help more working horses.

With your support we can plant more seeds of change which help to empower more people in Central America to care for and feed their horses properly.


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