Thoroughbred horses arriving at Glenda Spooner Farm

Horses at risk

Right now a desperate crisis faces thousands of horses in England and Wales. Horses and ponies are bearing the cost of the tough economic times and are being abandoned because their owners simply cannot afford to keep them.

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Unfortunately, horses are still being bred on a large scale and continue to be imported from Ireland and the continent, despite there being no market for them. A saturated market has led to animals being sold at some markets for as little as £5.

As a result of these and other problems, we are seeing an alarming rise in the number of abandonment and cruelty cases that involve groups of horses. Left to fend for themselves, these horses may face disease, starvation and even death.

One urgent act we intend to carry out is to install a system of fences and pens at each of our four centres, to receive new groups of vulnerable horses quickly and safely. We know that this type of facility will make a vital difference and work has started on the first one, at our Hall Farm, in Norfolk. But we must equip our other Rescue and Rehoming Centres as soon as possible, to try to keep pace with the volume and needs of horses that require help.

Your donation will help us start this work, bringing an end to the suffering of so many more horses.

The problems surrounding the current crisis are complex and diverse. Read more about the Emerging Horse Crisis in England and Wales...

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