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Working horses who are vital to many thousands of families in rural Guatemala lead lives which are severely affected by a lack of understanding among horse owners and their lack of access to skilled people who can provide farriery, saddlery and veterinary care.

World Horse Welfare’s project in Zaragoza provides community based training that develops skills in local people to meet these vital needs and Community Based Equine Advisors who support working equid owners by providing advice and help on how best to care for their horse, pony or donkey.

Three year-old Estrella showed the familiar signs of working long days wearing an ill-fitting pack saddle.  A sore formed on her back that, despite her owner’s best efforts, got worse over time, became infected and had no chance of healing. Her body condition was poor and her feet lacked the most basic routine care.

When she came to our centre in Zaragoza, Estrella’s injury was treated by the vet, her owner was given supplies to keep the wound clean and help it to heal.  A World Horse Welfare trained community saddler repaired Estrella’s pack saddle to make sure it did not cause any more injuries. Estrella’s injuries healed, she has gained fifteen pounds in weight and has a brighter future ahead of her, free from pain. 

You can help end the agony of these horses.

We are working hard to change this but we need your support. With your help we can train more people to design and source suitable materials to make pack saddles and harness equipment that does not cause injury or pain to the horse.

The work that is started today will help horses for many years to come. Please donate today and help give working horses like Estrella a brighter, healthier future.

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