Britain’s major horse welfare charities unite in calling on Defra to make CCTV monitoring in slaughterhouses mandatory.


World Horse Welfare is united with other major charities in calling for CCTV monitoring in slaughterhouses.

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World Horse Welfare are united with the BHS, the Blue Cross, HorseWorld, Redwings and the RSPCA in calling on Defra to make CCTV monitoring in slaughterhouses mandatory in light of the appalling welfare abuses revealed in footage obtained by Sky News this weekend. There are strict laws in place to protect the welfare of animals at slaughter and it is essential that abattoirs comply with them if they are to be trusted by the British public. Many assurance schemes and retailers already demand CCTV as part of their schemes. The Food Standards Agency clearly needs help with enforcement and CCTV is a relatively inexpensive technology that can help them perform this essential duty. We are urging everyone to demonstrate support for our call by signing the petition at and by emailing Defra


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