Clippy - the Inspiration behind our RHS Chelsea Garden


Find out more about Clippy, the horse whose story will be brought to life through our garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017


When a World Horse Welfare Field Officer found the small, listless pony now named Clippy he was a very different animal to the handsome, confident boy that he is now.

Clippy was discovered being kept in what can only be described as the shell of a building which had once been a stable. Not only was it dirty and dilapidated but the roof had completely disintegrated, with the structure now lying on the floor of the stable around where Clippy was standing, along with old car tyres, nails, a wheelbarrow and wire. There was nowhere dry for him to lie down without becoming tangled in the rubbish that littered the area.

neglected pony

- Clippy on arrival at World Horse Welfare
Clippy had obviously been in this ‘stable’ for quite some time. His legs were covered in filth and the floor was littered with faeces which completely covered his feet in some places. Clippy was in a terrible situation, and evidently nervous but trusting of the team who were there to help him.

Clippy was wearing a headcollar that had several clips hanging from it and this is where his unusual name was borne! 

pony in crewyard
No owner could be located for Clippy so he was signed over into World Horse Welfare’s care and we were able to transport him to the safety of World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Somerset.

All horses arriving at one of our farms are kept in isolation for two weeks to ensure they are not suffering from or carrying any disease or infection before they can be moved to the main yard and grazing paddocks.

Clippy has flourished in the care of the dedicated team at World Horse Welfare. He is a completely transformed pony and is really enjoying his rehabilitation with a view to rehoming in the future.

Find out how Clippy's story will be brought to life through our garden at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

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