Little Buggy’s Future is Secure this Christmas


Foal found being eaten alive by maggots has made an amazing recovery

Buggy at Christmas

In May this year, World Horse Welfare Field Officer, Sarah Tucker, was alerted to a young foal who had been spotted collapsed in a field in North Yorkshire.

Buggy before

When Sarah went to investigate she found poor Buggy who was suffering from a terrible untreated skin condition and had maggots quite literally eating him alive. Buggy was just a few months old and in a horrific condition so he was immediately transported to a local veterinary surgery for treatment. A lot of Buggy’s body was covered in raw, painful exposed skin and he was very weak, struggling to stand without support.

buggy skin 2
Once Buggy was well enough, he travelled to World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre to begin his recovery and rehabilitation in the expert care of the team there. Nearly seven months later, Buggy has made an incredible recovery and is now a happy, healthy youngster who is enjoying life to the full. His skin has completely healed and he is completely unrecognisable from the quiet, listless young scrap who arrived at the farm in such a terrible state. In fact when we invited welfare caller, Chloe, who had initially alerted us to Buggy’s plight to come and see how well he was doing she couldn’t believe what an amazing transformation he had made.

Not only does Buggy love greeting visitors and volunteers to the farm, he has also been lucky enough to meet some of our supporters who have raised money for World Horse Welfare through a variety of fundraising activities. Buggy also had a starring role in Penny Farm’s Christmas pantomime, the first ever (as far as we know) to have lead positions played by ponies!

pony pantomime
Buggy, like so many other horses and ponies who come into World Horse Welfare’s Rescue and Rehoming Centres, was in desperate need of the care he so deserved and it is thanks to our supporters that we can continue helping to transform the lives of him and many others.

buggy in a rug
Please support us and help to give the gift of care to even more horses this Christmas

gift of care