Rehoming update: Topsy and Arabella


It was love at first sight for rehomer Sharon with her two new partners Topsy and Arabella.

World Horse Welfare Rehoming

Sharon says that her life has been enriched by rehoming two horses from World Horse Welfare

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Welsh section D Topsy, came into World Horse Welfare’s care with a foal at foot in February 2006 when her elderly owner became unable to care for her. Topsy is 21 years old and stands at 14hh. She was rehomed as a hack to Sharon in November 2006.

Arabella was taken into World Horse Welfare’s care in November 2012 when she was found with a group of other horses abandoned and left to fend for themselves. She was only three years old when she was found and was underweight in serious need of care and attention. Arabella is now eight years old and 13hh – she was rehomed as a companion. Sharon rehomed Arabella in July 2016.

Sharon said: “Looking back when I decided to fulfil my childhood dream of owning a horse I always thought I would buy one. However, we visited World Horse Welfare Penny Farm, Blackpool, one Sunday afternoon just to look around and that’s when I saw Topsy for the first time. We just fell in love with each other immediately and my plans were changed from that moment. All I could think about from that day was having her - she was the special one.

"World Horse Welfare was very supportive and always in the background for advice and any help I needed."

“I made enquiries and after a couple of visits and sessions of being around her she was given the vets clearance to leave Penny Farm. Nothing was the same after that! In the weeks that followed she became quite tricky to manage and I was beginning to wonder what I had taken on. Then I came across Parelli and it really changed both our lives, with Topsy becoming not just my horse but my partner.

World Horse Welfare Rehome a Horse

Sharon doing Parelli with Topsy


“I liked the idea of giving a horse a good home, one I could keep as my own and knowing she would have a good life with us. World Horse Welfare was very supportive and always in the background for advice and any help I needed. Their welfare office called twice per year to check all was OK and things could not have been better.

“More recently we saw Arabella on the Penny Farm website. My husband called me to look at her photo saying ‘she is just so pretty’– and she was indeed. My heart leapt.

“We went to visit Penny Farm again as Topsy needed a companion. We instantly fell in love with Arabella, she looked such a lost soul and her eyes said it all. She had a very bad history, and through no fault of her own had struggled to find a long term home on the rehoming scheme. A week later, Arabella came home! 

“Whilst Topsy is introverted and her training has to be quite slow, Arabella is very extroverted and is always on the go, looking for new things to learn. Arabella’s confidence has grown such a lot in the few months she has been with us. Doing Parelli together really has been the underpinning of my communication and relationships with both horses. I am just so very proud of them both.

“Both have very different horsenalities and are trained differently. Just as people, you adjust to their own personalities.They play together, have the same regime and life is so much richer having them around. I know if my circumstances ever changed they would always be well looked after by World Horse Welfare. I would want nothing better than this for them.My plan for their future is to make life as good as I can for them, going to the beach, teaching Topsy and Arabella higher levels of Parelli ridden and at Liberty.

“This will be for me a never ending learning progression, giving the ponies more confidence and new skills.They are just the best thing ever, and we have nothing but thanks for and praise to World Horse Welfare for helping us to realise what was once only a dream.I am so blessed.”

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