World Horse Welfare CEO delivers vet training in China


World Horse Welfare China Inner Mongolia

Earlier this month saw World Horse Welfare CEO Roly Owers head to China to deliver equine-focused veterinary training to third year students at the Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (IMAU).

Roly, who is a qualified vet, teamed up with World Horse Welfare Trustee Sarah Coombs - also a practicing vet - to provide essential training in measuring vital signs, assessing pain & lameness and performing welfare assessments.

For veterinary students in China, even basic practical training in equine health and welfare are often absent from the curriculum. World Horse Welfare's partnership with IMAU seeks to help ensure that the country's considerable equine population will have access to veterinary care that meets their needs now and in the future.

World Horse Welfare China

World Horse Welfare CEO Roly Owers delivers a workshop in measuring vital signs to a group of students


World Horse Welfare China

A vet student learns about basic horse handling and interaction


World Horse Welfare China

IMAU's West Campus is located in the shadow of the picturesque Green Mountain


World Horse Welfare Roly Owers China

World Horse Welfare's Roly Owers (4th from left), Trustee Sarah Coombs (4th from right) and International Projects Officer Vicki Campling (3rd from right), alongside representatives from the China Horse Industry Association


World Horse Welfare China

Some of the IMAU horses at the West Campus


World Horse Welfare China

The workshops are aimed at ensuring vets of the future have essential equine knowledge