World Horse Welfare Partners Establishing Strong Links in South Africa


World Horse Welfare International Projects

World Horse Welfare's international project work extends to South Africa


World Horse Welfare aims to strengthen its regional presence in project areas - such as South Africa - by establishing strong links between different partner organisations.

One way of doing this is through visits between centres. In late March, some team members from The Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) of Cape Town - visited KwaZulu-Natal-based Coastal Horse Care unit (CHCU). World Horse Welfare's International Programmes Officer, Vicki Campling, said:

"This visit was a great opportunity for the CHPA team to learn more about the range of welfare issues that CHCU face and the differing roles that equines play in these communities. In Cape Town, horses are used for transporting materials such as scrap metal by cart, whereas in KwaZulu-Natal they are ridden over long distances for transportation and herding livestock."


World Horse Welfare work in South Africa

Organisations such as The Cart Horse Protection Association and The Coastal Horse Care Unit work together to share knowledge and experience.


"Visits between centres are also an opportunity to share experiences and best practices, as well as planning for future regional initiatives, such as the expansion of CHPA’s Equine Welfare Practitioner (EWP) training programme."

"We are delighted that both teams found the experience to be so worthwhile and hope that CHCU staff will be able to pay a reciprocal visit to CHPA in the near future."