In the months before she came into our care, May grew very thin and suffered the effects of both worms in her digestive system and from leg mites. Her immune system had become very weak and rainscald scabs ran the length of her back.

With the help of everyone at Glenda Spooner Farm and a careful diet, May has recovered from her symptoms and gained condition. She was, understandably, wary of new people but is getting used to staff, specialists and visitors at Glenda Spooner Farm.

Date of birth
13.3 hh
Glenda Spooner Farm, Somerset
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May portrait

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Glenda Spooner Farm main photo

Glenda Spooner Farm, World Horse Welfare's Rescue & Rehoming Centre in Somerset, is a great free place to visit. Meet the rescued horses going through rehabilitation and those who are ready for rehoming, and enjoy a walk around the paddocks.

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