Horsemeat scandal

Long-distance transport to slaughter - injury (where does horsemeat come from banner)

World Horse Welfare was founded in 1927 to be the voice of horses seeking better treatment on journeys to and at the slaughterhouse.  More than 85 years later, we have achieved greatly improved conditions for horses destined for dinner plates but there is so much more to do and we need your help.

Perhaps the one silver lining of the whole horse meat scandal is that it has shown a spotlight on the trade in horses for meat, how the laws protecting them and the food chain need to be improved, and the need for accountability and traceability.  

World Horse Welfare has been at the forefront of challenging existing laws and working with others in the horse sector and UK and EU governments on improved systems.


We have raised awareness among politicians and the public that the horse meat labelled as beef could be the product of horse suffering endured on long-distance journeys across Europe to slaughter. We will continue to press the European Commission to stop these needless long distance journeys.

We are pressing the European Comission for mandatory country of origin labelling for horse meat 

We are calling for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses in Britain to help stop unacceptable and illegal horse abuse as revealed at a British slaughterhouse. Our petition attracted over 40,000 signatures, and will be handed over to Defra soon.

We are working with the Government to improve the horse identification system in Britain and restrict movement of the most vulnerable horses. 


What you can do:

If you live in Europe, please email Commissioner Borg to ask for better food labelling for horse meat. As a European resident, these revelations affect you. Please take action now, to improve the welfare of horses entering the human food chain. 

If you live outside of Europe, please be aware that our email action have been limited to European citizens, as this is an issue which directly affects them. By making sure that only those affected can take action, we can ensure that politicians have no excuse to ignore this issue!


Horses being transported long-distances to slaughter