Just in Case

HorseThe one subject every horse owner should know about is the one subject most of us don't consider. It’s all about making a plan, just in case.

If the worst happened and your horse suddenly got ill or injured, how many of us would know what to do? What if the vet does everything they can but you are left with no choice but to have your horse put to sleep? What if you are away and someone else is caring for your horse – do they know how you would like things to be handled? Or what if your horse dies suddenly of natural causes?

Even though your horse might be young and healthy, and even though you are sure you’ll have him for many years to come, it is still sensible to make a plan now, just in case.

Two leaflets are available, one to give you the facts, and the other to help you make a plan long before you will need it. ‘Just in Case: The Facts’ clearly and sensitively explains all aspects of the situation, such as the options available and what to expect, how to make the decision, insurance and legislation issues, and whether you should be there. ‘Just in Case: Owner’s Plan’ provides a clear form which can be completed in advance. You can also use this to be certain everyone knows what choices you would make even if you can’t be contacted in an emergency.

You can download these leaflets below:

'Just in Case: The Facts'

'Just in Case: Owner's Plan'


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