Long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter in Europe

Every year, around 54,000  stressed horses are packed into trucks and driven long distances across Europe to slaughter. Exhausted, diseased, injured and travelling for days over thousands of miles: these horses are desperate for food, water and rest.

We need you to help us to convince the European Commission to introduce a maximum journey limit of 9 to 12 hours, ending the torment caused by these relentless journeys. We also want to see the conditions in which horses travel to slaughte improve - find out more about our goals.

Help us reach our target by writing a letter to Lord Gardiner and George Eustice asking them to review the Transport Regulation.


These journeys are not necessary.

Long-distance transport to slaughter - stressed and sweating stallion, abnormal posture, resting leg in empty water trough


There are licensed slaughterhouses across Europe - but despite this these journeys continue, often passing many slaughterhouses that could take the horses on the way. We want to see a short finite journey limit introduced to prevent needless suffering.

We need supporters like you to join the campaign to end these journeys. Public pressure is an essential part of changing the law to end these journeys.

You can help by becoming a campaigner and getting involved in activities like letter writing, collecting petition signatures or spreading the word about the campaign.


Our campaign is based on science.


We know that the best way for us to show policy-makers why these journeys cause such suffering. Our recommendations are based on scientific evidence which shows just why these journeys compromsie welfare so badly. Find out more about our evidence.


Working for improvements today.


Even if new legislation was introduced tomorrow, it would still take time for any changes to filter through. We also understand that journey times are just part of the picture - the care and handling of these horses, the condition of the vehicle and the standards of driving are also all important in stopping this needless suffering.

We will always campaign for an end to these journeys - but we also want to relieve the suffering of the horses being transported long-distance to slaughter today.

We have worked alongside a stakeholder group to put together guidance on providing water to horses being transported for any reason. Because we work in the field, we know that people involved in transporting horses to slaughter often fail to realise how important it is to provide them with water, leading to dehydration and suffering. Find out more about our work on guidance.


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Read our FAQs about the campaign, or find out how you can become a campaigner.