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Rehomed Shetland from Aboyne centre now thriving after horrific neglect

When Haggis was found he was riddled with lice, grossly overweight and showing signs of laminitis, an extremely painful and sometimes fatal condition affecting horses’ hooves. His feet were left untrimmed for so long that they had curled up and forced him to walk on his heels. As far as we could tell he hadn’t walked properly for years.

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Enter Rehomed Horse of the Year!

Are you a rehomer? From faithful companions, happy hackers, and beloved first ponies to stars of the competition world we’d love you to tell us why your World Horse Welfare horse deserves to be our Rehomed Horse of the Year!

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Bursting with welfare cases World Horse Welfare launches ‘Rehome a Horse Month’ asking for public help

The emerging horse crisis in England and Wales is here, just as we thought, just as we warned. There are close to 7,000 horses in need of rescuing or in need of homes. That’s why we are asking for support from the public, it is so important for us to get as many horses settled into new, safe homes so that we can make space for the ones that need rescuing from appalling conditions.

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