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Bestselling author backs campaign to end the biggest abuse of horses in Europe

Each year, 65,000 horses are driven vast distances across Europe to slaughter. Exhausted, often diseased, injured, stressed and travelling for days over thousands of kilometres: these horses are desperate for food, water and rest. World Horse Welfare is calling for the European Commission to introduce a short, maximum journey limit for these horses.

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Collaboration between UK and South African charities to alleviate equine suffering in Lesotho

A strategic partnership between World Horse Welfare, the UK-based international charity dedicated to promoting and protecting horse welfare worldwide, and the Highveld Horse Care Unit (HHCU) in South Africa, has been formed. The partnership will focus on urgent work to alleviate the suffering and improve the treatment of horses held in government pounds in the Kingdom of Lesotho, a small landlocked country surrounded by South Africa.

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