Our approach

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When we were founded in 1927 our approach to helping horses was based on these four core principles, which we still hold today.


Horses have a role in society

We believe that horses and humans have evolved a unique partnership and that horses have an important role in society. Whether working animals, family pets, equine athletes, conservation grazers or companions, horses contribute to our lives, cultures and economies. This partnership is right so long as we take full responsibility for their welfare.

Lasting change

In all of our work we strive for lasting change rather than short-term fixes. We try to treat the source of a problem rather than just the symptoms.  Our focus is finding long term, sustainable solutions that raise welfare standards in the short term as well as over time.


We are a charity that believes in taking a practical approach to solving problems.  We focus our efforts on what is achievable, and aspire to work constructively with others to create change.

Scientific evidence

We base our work on scientific evidence and on our 90 years of horse care experience.  We also support research to improve horse welfare.


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