The Invisible Horse

World Horse Welfare is shining the spotlight on the world’s invisible horses.  

Horses who suffer in silence as people either cannot or choose not to see them. From the horses left in barns and stables for weeks on end, to those working long hours in Honduras, Senegal or Cambodia who go unnoticed by governments and policymakers, to the horses transported long distances across borders for slaughter and those who sadly are sometimes found too late. 

This year, join us in shining a spotlight on the invisible horses.

Together, we will do all we can to make them visible - and get them the care they need.

invisible horse

invisible horse why are horses invisible rescue and rehoming tile

Rescue and Rehoming

We rescued them and made them visible... Now help them continue their journey into the spotlight by rehoming one of our wonderful characters...

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invisible horse why are horses invisible foals tile


Not only can foals suffer in the wrong hands, the impact on their mothers can be enormous...

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invisible horse why are horses working horses

Working horses

Working horses are vital to communities in the developing world and yet they are still invisible...

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