World Horse Welfare Christmas Message

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World Horse Welfare Christmas Message.

World Horse Welfare to Shine Spotlight on ‘Invisible Horses’ in 2016


Numbers play a key role in this year’s Christmas message, with the charity taking in more than 100 horses from a number of different cases in the last 40 days. This number is a third of the charity’s annual stocking level, placing a huge burden on resources and highlighting that there is still plenty more to be done in improving horse welfare in 2016.

Continuing the theme of numbers, for the second year running over 300 horses have been found loving new homes through the charity’s rehoming scheme, thousands more have been helped through the charity’s successful joint campaigning for tougher laws to tackle illegal fly-grazing, 344 ill, injured, neglected and vulnerable horses have arrived at World Horse Welfare’s four Rescue and Rehoming Centres around the UK to receive the care they need and the suffering of 20,000 working horses across developing countries has been lessened thanks to the charity’s international projects.

Next year will see World Horse Welfare launch a campaign to shine the spotlight on the world’s ‘Invisible Horses’ who often suffer in silence as people either cannot or choose not to see them. From the horses left in barns and stables for weeks on end, to those working many hours every day on the streets of Choluteca in Honduras or Cape Town in South Africa who go unnoticed by governments and policymakers, to the horses transported long distances across borders to uncertain futures and those who sadly are sometimes found too late. The year-long campaign will highlight the plight of these horses, making them ‘visible’ so they can receive the care and protection they so desperately need.

Roly said:

“This Christmas, I wanted to extend my message of thanks to everyone who has supported World Horse Welfare this year, whether by supporting us financially, volunteering, leaving a gift or your horse to us in your Will, taking part in our campaigns, supporting our challenge rides and raffles and especially for rehoming our horses and spreading the word about how everyone has a duty to help horses less fortunate than our own.

“With our supporters’ help we have improved the lives of thousands of horses in 2015 and we look forward to being able to offer the promise of a better future to so many more in 2016.”