Your events and other fundraising ideas

Other ways to fundraise for World Horse Welfare

Fundraising is fun and you can get involved by organising a fundraising event at any time of the year, whenever it suits you!

You can visit our fundraising downloads page to download lots of helpful fundraising materials.

  • Could you organise a fashion show or dance?
  • Or maybe your local riding school could organise a sponsored ride or a show for us?

If you are new to fundraising there are many smaller events which are very easy to organise.

Maybe hold a Morning Feed coffee morning for your friends and family or ask for donations in lieu of birthday presents?

You could bake and sell cakes or sell your unwanted items on ebay or at a car boot sale. Try growing plants or vegetables to sell outside your house, or sell your horse’s manure at the field gate?

Whether you already have fundraising experience or are just a beginner, we are here to inspire you and support you with advice and fundraising materials.

Just download a registration form, complete it and return it to us - make sure you leave enough time for us to send your promotional items!

Or download a fundraising pack for some more ideas and useful information, or call Fran on 01953 497210 or email to receive your pack by post.

We are very grateful no matter how much money you raise. Have a fun time and send us your photos for our fundraisers' gallery.

Click here to see what other fundraisers have been up to!

Download a copy of our A to Z of fundraising ideas to inspire you to have fun and raise some funds to help more horses and ponies!

Why not set up an online page to support your fundraising?

Create a JustGiving or Virgin moneygiving page and email the link to all your friends and encourage them to help horses. There is also a Justgiving app to download onto your smart phone to make your online fundraising even easier!

Help horses while you shop

Why not shop online with your favourite stores and raise money at the same time? Click on one of the below options to get started, or to browse our range of merchandise, visit our online shop.

World Horse Welfare Easy FundraisingWorld Horse Welfare Give as you Live


Parachute for ponies!



If you're feeling adventurous, or need an adrenaline rush, then how about a skydive from your local airfield for World Horse Welfare? There are British Parachuting Assocation approved 'drop-zones' all over the country and we can give you the support you need to do your own sponsored jump. Please contact Frances Plume by email or tel 01953 497210 if you would like further information.

Sell your unwanted goods!

Got something to sell to raise funds for us? Then visit Ebay for Charity where you can choose to donate between 10 and 100% of the final selling value of your items to World Horse Welfare.

Giveacar logo

Do you own a vehicle that you want to sell or get rid of? Then please think about donating it to us through Giveacar!

Giveacar raises money for UK charities by scrapping and selling old cars. They provide a nationwide FREE service which:
• Arranges the collection of the vehicle from your home
• Depending on its age and condition, recycles it at an authorised facility or sends it to auction

Scrap donations raise about £100 for the charity (depending on the price of metal) while auction cars can raise much more.

To arrange donation of a car, visit or call 020 7736 4242, quoting World Horse Welfare as your preferred charity.

Ink cartridge recycling

If you have a lot of ink cartridges to recycle then you may be able to arrange a collection by visiting

Whatever you decide to do, we appreciate every single penny that is sent in to us as a result of your fundraising, so please have fun while helping us to help horses.