2014 European Elections

EU elections 2014 - speak up for horses

In May 2014 citizens across the EU will go to the polls to choose a new European Parliament. The MEPs elected will influence EU legislation for the next five years - including any new laws that could affect horse welfare. Contact your candidates today!

World Horse Welfare campaigns in Europe for better legislation on horse welfare. Our long-running campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses across Europe for slaughter aims to end the single biggest abuse of horses in Europe, and we also campaign on many other issues to make sure that horses, ponies, donkeys, mules and jennets are not forgotten when animal health and welfare matters are discussed.

We have produced a manifesto for the European elections, giving our top priorities for the new Parliament to tackle. We need supporters across Europe to help us get the word out to candidates that horses count!


Please contact your local candidates asking them to support horse welfare if elected!


Find out here if your local candidates have pledged their support!


Read our 2014 EU Manifesto