World Horse Welfare leaving horse in Will scheme


A new home for Indie.....

             .....Peace of mind for Jennifer

In 2010, Jennifer Osborn, from the Settle area in North Yorkshire, contacted World Horse Welfare expressing an interest in leaving her horse Indie to us in her Will as she had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour.

Mrs Osborn sadly passed away later that year and we took Indie into our care at our Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Snetterton, Norfolk. We also received a sum of money and a share of Mrs Osborn’s jewellery.

One less thing for her family to worry about

Her husband Ken explains why Jennifer wanted to leave a lasting gift to our charity: “She had a close relationship with horses and wanted to make sure that Indie went to a new home where he would get lots of attention but he would also get used.

horse and groom

Jennifer knew about World Horse Welfare and wanted to find a good home for him. She always kept horses for life but due to the circumstances surrounding Jennifer’s health she knew he would have to go to a new home. She didn’t want to sell Indie as she felt it was an unknown quantity but knew if she left him to World Horse Welfare it would be permanent and if he was rehomed, the new home would be completely suitable and regular checks would be made.

It was not an easy decision for her to make, but it was so important for Jennifer to have that reassurance that he went to the right home.”


A loving home and a secure future for Indie

Indie was rehomed as a ridden horse in March 2011 to Vanessa Strutt who lives near Norwich. Vanessa hopes to take part in some dressage competitions with him, and says: “I’m very touched that someone cared enough for Indie to ensure that he was looked after. Selling your horse can mean a very uncertain future for them but leaving a horse to World Horse Welfare, which can then be rehomed to a loving home, is a great option. I had recently lost my mare whom I had owned for 27 years and so I was looking for a companion to my other horse. I saw a promotion about the charity’s Rehome a Horse month and contacted World Horse Welfare. Indie was ready for rehoming and as soon as I saw him I fell in love with him, he’s an absolute star.”

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