Mandatory CCTV in equine slaughterhouses

Mandatory CCTV appeal

PICTURE: RECONSTRUCTION. The sad reality is that thousands of horses will end their lives in a UK slaughterhouse this year, but how they are treated is effectively invisible as there is no guarantee that CCTV is being used to help monitor their welfare. Please join our community of passionate supporters today in calling for the mandatory use of CCTV in all of the UK’s equine slaughterhouses NOW and in the future by making a donation of whatever you can, in support of this important campaign.

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While we have clear laws setting out how to protect horse welfare at slaughter, public confidence that these are adhered to has been severely undermined by revelations unearthed from covert CCTV footage in 2013. Unsurprisingly this has also undermined public confidence in choosing slaughter as an option. 

We want to ensure that the whole slaughter process is made transparent through the mandatory use of CCTV or other recording technology in all UK equine slaughterhouses and is accessible and checked by the relevant authorities, such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to support their monitoring efforts. CCTV is already recommended by the FSA, British Veterinary Association, UNISON and the Farm Animal Welfare Council among many other organisations.

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