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When a concerned caller rang World Horse Welfare to report seeing a loose pony wandering freely around the local streets, our nearest Field Officer, Chris Shaw, rushed to investigate. The pony was a one-year-old, 11hh piebald cob called Colin who was in desperate need of urgent veterinary treatment and simple but dedicated care. He was in very poor condition, painfully thin and suffering from lice and worm infestations.

Colin before

- Colin when he was found

It was clear that Colin had been abandoned to fend for himself. He had become well known locally by turning up at the school gates to greet the children at the end of their school day. People were also posting about him on social media. As hard as he tried, Chris could not locate Colin’s owner and so, thankfully, the local council signed him over to World Horse Welfare. Colin was happy to be loaded straight away onto the transporter as if he knew he was being rescued!

Colin summer 2018

- Colin after rehabilitation

The great news is that Colin has flourished in the months since his arrival at World Horse Welfare Hall Farm. He has taken each part of his rehabilitation completely in his stride and has enjoyed making lots of new friends! His condition has improved remarkably and he has been truly transformed. Filling your Christmas stocking will help other horses and ponies in need like Colin.

Thanks to kind people like you, Colin got the love and care he so deserved and is continuing his rehabilitation with a view to finding a loving home in the near future. By donating today you’ll be helping to transform the lives of many other horses and ponies who desperately need our help. Thank you so much!

Colin and presents

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