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Your gift will help improve conditions for many thousands of horses, making sure that fewer face the pain, stress and exhaustion of these needless and brutal journeys.

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Our campaigning has helped to reduce the number of horses transported in this way from 165,000 in 2001 to around 65,000. In 2010, Members of the European Parliament brought about the first Written Declaration on horse welfare ever to be adopted. The European Commission has now committed to preparing a report examining the current transport legislation, due out this autumn.

How your donation will help

    £10.00 will help us collect more evidence of the conditions these horses suffer and help keep the momentum of our campaign.

    £25 will help fund a day's evidence-gathering in the field by members of our campaigns team. This work is vital in helping us present a compelling and robust case for change to key decision makers.

    £50 will help fund a meeting in Brussels, presenting evidence to the European Commission to press them to review the existing transport Regulation.

Thank you for your support.

Roly Owers
Chief Executive

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