Horses transported across Europe to slaughter

Together we are moving closer to ending their torment

We have been fighting against the long-distance transportation of horses across Europe for slaughter since our charity was founded in 1927. Over the last five years the number of horses subjected to this torment has been reduced from around 50,000 a year to around 30,000. With your help, we can reduce that number to zero by 2027.

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Current regulations state that horses driven long-distance across Europe for slaughter can be transported for 24 hours at a time. They should then be removed from the vehicle for 24 hours before the cycle is repeated.

One of the most commonly used slaughter routes – from Poland to Puglia in south east Italy – takes in excess of three days. During those awful journeys horses can suffer everything from stress and exhaustion to disease and even depression – completely shutting down from their surroundings.

Thanks to the support of horse lovers like you, our campaign to end this terrible cruelty has made great progress, but we can’t stop now.  We will continue to press for improvements in the conditions horses experience during long-distance journeys until the day we finally end them.

Please help horses today and together we will bring an end to this torment.

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