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Miles of Pain

65,000 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules will endure the long-distance transport through Europe to slaughter, please help stop this today.

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Please help today to stop horses, ponies, donkeys and mules suffering miles of pain by making a donation to our campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses across Europe to slaughter.

Thanks to supporters like you taking an active role in supporting our campaign, in the last decade we have helped reduce the number of horses transported long-distance across Europe to slaughter by a staggering 100,000. Your efforts have been amazing.

But, as you’ll agree there is still much more to do – especially in the light of the shocking revelations about horse meat being found in beef products. This meat is the product of horses suffering during long-distance journeys. We must continue our campaign for the sake of 65,000 horses who still face these horrendous conditions every year.

In 2013, unless we act now, 65,000 distressed horses, ponies, donkeys and mules will be crammed into lorries and driven for hours without rest or water. Their gruelling journeys, often lasting for days, leave them exhausted, sick and often injured. This shameful practice is deeply distressing to animal lovers across Europe. And we all agree that this must be stopped.

You are these horses’ best hope of ending this cruel practice – please give as generously as you can today.

To take part in our next action or to find out more about our campaign and what else you can do to help please click here.

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