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Vets for Horses

Chiles sight was saved by our team of trained vets and students. His case highlights the need for local vets across the developing world to be trained to treat horses.

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Working horses, ponies and donkeys across the developing world suffer injury and illness every day but too few local vets are able to treat them.

In many countries in Central America, Africa and Asia, veterinary training is focused on species classified as ‘productive livestock’ – such as cattle, goats and pigs. However, this means that many vets do not receive any formal training in how to handle and treat horses, despite the important role they have in the daily lives of millions of people.

The effect of this becomes clear when a working horse is sick or injured and their owner seeks the help of a vet. Often a vet will refuse to help or might misdiagnose the problem and treat it incorrectly, putting the horse through further pain and distress.

It’s vital that working horses are treated by vets who are trained to meet their specific needs. We bring local vets to our projects where they are given training in how to handle, diagnose and treat horses. We also give student vets hands-on roles with our teams for six months at a time and we work with universities to ensure that equine training and research is part of the veterinary curriculum.

Our training and education programmes are vital to ensuring long-term improvements to the lives of working horses and the families and communities who rely on them.
Thanks to your support, when a horse gets sick or injured their owner will have someone to turn to for help. Together we can save thousands of working horses from needless suffering.

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