At World Horse Welfare, we campaign to make a difference to the lives of all horses.

The sad reality is that horses across the world suffer every day. We want to stop this by raising awareness of the causes of horse suffering, and encouraging people to take action.

Our aim is to help the greatest possible number of horses, both in the UK and across Europe. We seek to improve welfare conditions by changing attitudes, policy and practice; improving the laws that protect horses, making sure these laws are enforced, and educating horse owners.


  • Helping Horse Owning Communities in Haiti
    • Helping Horse Owning Communities In Haiti
    • Together we can make a world of difference to horse owning families in Haiti - strengthening livelihoods, resilience and independence for a more sustainable future.
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  • guatemala volcano eruption horses
    • Emergency Care for Horses in Guatemala
    • We need your help to provide urgent veterinary care and feed horses severely affected by the eruption of the Fuego volcano.
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  • Plant seeds to help horses
    • Help plant seeds to help working horses
    • In many communities across Guatemala and Nicaragua, working horse owners are unable to provide the right diet and care for their working horses.
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  • Colin appeal 2
    • Fill a Stocking
    • Will you help more horses like Colin this Christmas?
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