2018: A Challenging Year and Changing Times for Equine Welfare


Our Chief Executive, Roly Owers, looks back on 2018 – a year that has been challenging for equine welfare around the world


From extreme weather conditions in both the UK and further afield putting huge pressure on our resources to the uncertainty around Brexit – 2018 has certainly been a challenging year for equine welfare. However, it has also been a positive one with almost 300 horses finding new homes on our rehoming scheme and new legislation which better protects our equine population.

On behalf of everyone here at World Horse Welfare, we’d like to say thank you for supporting the charity in 2018 whether through donating, adding your voice to our campaigns, reporting concerns to our welfare line, rehoming a horse and much more – you are vital in helping us reach as many horses in need as possible and we look forward to continuing our work with you in 2019 as we experience ever more of these changing times.

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