A Lasting Tribute to a Special Horse


The story of Crunchie and her amazing life


We received so many lovely entries to the Best Friend category of our Rehomed Horse of the Year competition. One of these is the story of Crunchie told by her rehomer, Suzanne, which is a wonderful tribute to this special horse:

Crunchie is one of the luckier horses to be rehomed through World Horse Welfare.  She wasn’t the subject of cruelty or abuse, but what she has achieved has helped benefit thousands of horses around the world.  Not only was she Suzanne’s best friend, she has also been the best friend to many world class eventers having been part of the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Project.  After the tragedy of lost horses at the Barcelona Olympics, the project looked at improving the safety of three day event horses competing in the humid heat of Atlanta.

crunchie riding

- Crunchie and Suzanne on a Christmas Day ride a few years ago

For Crunchie this meant:

  • training on Newmarket gallops to become three day eventing fit
  • galloping on a horse treadmill in a heat controlled environment – tough going!

……and for the Olympic horses it meant new measures which improved horse safety.

Suzanne met Crunchie at the Animal Health Trust where she worked as a groom.  She developed a close bond with Crunchie, so when the chance came to rehome her through World Horse Welfare Suzanne immediately took the chance to continue their friendship.  Since then Crunchie has:

  • Been a loyal friend to many horses from Suzanne’s first pony Cham to her current friend Stippy
  • Been a family favourite, looking after the young children despite her flighty nature
  • Been a wonderful companion to Suzanne.

crunchie suzanne

- Crunchie in 2018 with Suzanne and best (equine) friend Stippy

Crunchie had a wonderful retirement in her home with Suzanne close to the famous Badminton Estate and was very sadly put to sleep late last year at the incredible age of 31 years old.

Suzanne said:

“Crunchie is a remarkable horse rehomed for 22 happy years, and she’s been the best friend that anyone could ask for.”