World Horse Welfare Belwade Farm Highlights Urgent Need to Rehome


Aberdeenshire Rescue and Rehoming Centre urges people to consider rehoming a rescue horse or pony

Belwade rehoming

World Horse Welfare Belwade Farm is urging anyone thinking of getting a horse or pony to consider rehoming in order to help free up space for the many more horses and ponies in desperate need of the charity’s help.

Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Aberdeenshire currently has more than 25 horses and ponies looking for homes on its rehoming scheme – some of which have been waiting to find their forever home for more than a year. From children’s riding ponies to youngsters and loyal companions, Belwade Farm has a wide range of equines looking for rehomers and last year found new homes for almost 60 horses and ponies.

The farm, which is one of World Horse Welfare’s four UK Rescue and Rehoming Centres, is currently overstocked due to high numbers of welfare cases needing the charity’s help so finding new homes for equines who have undergone rehabilitation is more important than ever. Belwade Farm Centre Manager, Eileen Gillen, said:

“The harsh weather conditions and lack of nutritious natural food sources at this time of year can often mean more horses and ponies are at risk of suffering welfare problems so it’s imperative that we have the space to take them in and give them the care they so desperately need.

“As well as freeing up space for those in need, rehoming also gives the horses and ponies who have undergone rehabilitation the chance to fulfil their potential and enjoy the dedicated love and attention they deserve from a new home.

rehome a horse

“If you are thinking of getting a horse, rehoming really is a great option. Not only will you receive a fully open and honest assessment of the horse’s character and behaviour, but also the charity retains ownership giving you the reassurance that if your circumstances change or things don’t work out you can return the horse to us at any time.

“We have a wide variety of horses and ponies looking for homes from companions to youngsters to driving ponies and children’s ponies – there is something for everyone! I would urge everyone to visit our website today and find out how they can give a rescue horse or pony a second chance at the happiness they deserve.”

Find out more about rehoming at:

A selection of the horses and ponies at Belwade Farm currently looking for homes can be found below:

Bourbon rehoming

Bourbon – Belwade Farm’s ‘Loneliest Pony’

Pretty 14hh, 6 year old Bourbon has been looking for a home as a companion since November 2016 and has only received one application in that time. She is a wonderful, friendly pony who does need firm boundaries setting but will make a loyal best friend. Bourbon came into World Horse Welfare’s care in March 2015 as part of a group of horses and ponies who were all underweight and not receiving the care they needed. Bourbon was emaciated and suffering a lice infestation.

Jumping jack flash

Jumping Jack Flash

Jack is a 13hh, 5 year old gelding looking for a home as a youngster where he can continue learning about the world and developing his education. Jack can be nervous so will need a confident rehomer who can help build up his trust but he could potentially be backed to ride or drive in the future. Jack came into World Horse Welfare’s care in May 2016 in need of urgent veterinary treatment.

Pumpkin rehoming


13.2hh, 8 year old Pumpkin is a fun-loving pony who is looking for a home as a ridden pony where she can develop her talents for jumping and take part in all riding club activities. Pumpkin needs a confident rider who can help give her reassurance but will go far in the right home and has a lot of love to give. Pumpkin came into World Horse Welfare’s care in July 2015 as part of a group of horses who were not receiving the care they needed.

Nemo rehoming


12.3hh, 5 year old Nemo is a handsome gelding who is looking for a home as a riding pony. He was backed last year and is confident in walk, trot and canter and has schooled loose over jumps. Nemo needs a small lightweight rider who can continue his education and with the right experience will make a lovely child’s pony. Nemo was born at Belwade Farm when his mother came in as part of a welfare case.