Carefree's story


Read the story of "Carefree," an ex-racehorse who's now a wonderful companion.


"Carefree": the story behind the sculpture 

"Carefree" is a 15 year old former racehorse and a lovely sweet mare.  Due to an injury, she was unable to be ridden and has now been rehomed as a much-loved companion. 

The design inspired by "Carefree's" story

Flapper's sculpture design

The artist: Sarah Aspinall

Sarah has specialised in equestrian portraiture for over 30 years, passionate about racing, she has immortalised the great names of our age from Desert Orchid to Galileo. Sarah has personally rehomed and retrained several rescue ponies, she said:

"The work that World Horse Welfare does is exceptional and I am proud to highlight this by giving a piece of work for the charity. I was given the very pretty “Carefree” as a starting point for artistic inspiration. She is a chestnut thoroughbred filly who was injured and happily rehomed as a companion horse. I wanted to convey the carefree, radiant beauty symbolised by butterflies soaring upwards and I hope that my design has done her justice. After sketching out the butterflies on the sculpture, I painted a warm undercoat  reflecting her chestnut colour. I wanted her colour to glow through the subsequent layers of soft grey  and butterflies, giving a warm tone to the work."

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The trail: "Carefree" features on our Show Trail

The sponsor: British Horseracing Authority

The British Horseracing Authority is the sport's governance and regulatory body. World Horse Welfare is a welfare advisor to the BHA on welfare matters. 

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