Celebrating Rehome a Horse Month


September is Rehome a Horse Month - find out how you can get involved...


Each year, we dedicate one month to focussing on rehoming – something which is vital to the sustainability of our UK work. Not only does rehoming free up space in our Rescue and Rehoming Centres for us to take in more horses in need, but it also gives those who have undergone rehabilitation the chance to reach their full potential in a new home.

Full potential doesn’t have to mean a competition career, although we do have many horses who have achieved amazing things in this arena, it can simply mean living a happy life with a new family and receiving the love and attention they deserve.

As of today (12th September) there are more than 90 horses and ponies currently on our rehoming website looking for homes. We have youngsters with the potential to make riding or driving ponies in the future, companions of all shapes and sizes, pleasure competition horses and happy hackers who would love nothing more than to spend their days exploring the countryside with a new owner.

We want to make 2018 a record-breaking year for rehoming and we need your help!

Here’s the many different ways you can get involved in helping us to rehome more horses than ever before (and don’t worry if you’re not in a position to rehome yourself as there’s still many ways to support us)

  • Rehome a Horse!

Of course this point is an obvious one and you may not be in a position to do so, but if you are looking for a new horse or pony then please do search on our website before you go any further. There may not be a suitable equine on there for you just now but you never know and there’s no harm in some ‘window-shopping’…

Search now

Plus, thanks to our friends at HarryHall.com, the first 30 people to rehome in September will receive a free goodie bag!

  • Let your friends, colleagues and networks know about rehoming

Do you know someone who is currently looking for a new horse or pony? Could you encourage them to consider rehoming as an option? One of the main ways that most people hear about rehoming is through word of mouth and this is where you can play a very important role…


  • Display one of our rehoming posters

We’ve created a poster to inspire people to think about rehoming and we need your help to display these in as many places as possible! Whether it’s your yard, tack shop, feed merchant or even in your car – you can download one here or get in touch by emailing: press@worldhorsewelfare.org if you’d like us to send you some printed versions

  • Share our posts on social media

Can you share profiles of horses looking for homes or our new rehoming video?

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  • Let the world know that your horse is a rehomed rescue pony

If you have rehomed a horse or pony then let them do the advertising for us! Could they wear an embroidered saddle cloth? Or one of our lovely World Horse Welfare headcollar and lead rope sets (buy yours here!), you could even display a sign on your stable or trailer!