Day Two: Zoe


Day two of our 12 days of Christmas is the story of Zoe.

12 days of christmas zoe

With 2015 drawing to a close, we would like to share with your our very own “12 days of Christmas” countdown. On each of the next 12 working days you can read the stories that have touched us and our supporters the most from January through to December.

On the second day of Christmas… February 2015

Zoe came into our Somerset Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Glenda Spooner Farm, following a call to our Field Officer Tony Evans in early February 2015 from a member of the Commoners’ Association where Zoe and other ponies had been found.

A group of ponies including mares with foals had been found on the Common where they had been dumped and abandoned. When Tony visited, he quickly realised they were all underweight in varying degrees, some critically so, in a weak and starving state.

Immediate action was needed, such was the severity of the condition of some of the ponies and Zoe was removed to Glenda Spooner Farm alongside 6 month old Orlagh and her mother Rhoswyn. Sadly a fourth pony, a dark bay 3 year old filly, collapsed at the scene and had to be put to sleep.

Further tragedy ensued when Rhoswyn died at Glenda Spooner Farm a few days later after she too collapsed and was non-responsive despite the dedicated staff's best efforts. The situation was so difficult and tragic for the team that a video was made highlighting the plight of this group and the dangers of fly-grazing – if you have not already watched it you can do so below, although we would like to warn our supporters that the images may be upsetting to some viewers.

Wonderfully the care and expertise of our staff as well as our specialist vets meant that Zoe was able to make a full recovery and the gentle, kind hearted filly was recently rehomed as a youngster. She is currently being a superb companion for a retired mare but when she is old enough, she has the potential to be backed at her new home. 

Zoe is one of many horses and ponies that have arrived into our care this year. 2015 has been a record-breaking year with 344 ill, injured, neglected and vulnerable horses arriving at our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres.

12 days of Christmas world horse welfare

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