Essential skills for Haiti’s working horse communities


Haiti came into the world’s consciousness in 2010 when a catastrophic earthquake shook this proud Caribbean nation but did you know we also have a project there? Working with our partner organisation Humane Society International we are helping give their many working donkeys, mules and horses a better quality of life.


Our project in Haiti is currently in the final week of a saddlery module which is taking place in Cap Haitian.


Working horses around Cap Haitian and beyond struggle through long strenuous days carrying heavy goods.  This coupled with ill-fitting equipment and very poor body condition (due to inferior quality and very scarce feed) means that wounds are commonplace on these vulnerable animals. 

So we are helping people from local communities to adapt tools that can be easily found in Haiti and update their harness-making skills to give their working horses, donkeys and mules a healthier future with fewer injuries.

Haiti Saddlery 2015

Ensuring that owners are aware of preventative measures - such as improved husbandry techniques and the importance of an appropriate diet - is one way that our projects aims to improve equid welfare.  Our in-country team are furnished with the skills to ensure that this project – as with our entire international programme – is sustainable long into the future.

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