World Horse Welfare Comment on ISES Open Letter


Comment in response to the open letter received from the International Society for Equitation Science


The below is our comment regarding the open letter sent to World Horse Welfare following Richard Davison's presentation at our 2018 Annual Conference by the International Society for Equitation Science.

World Horse Welfare Chief Executive, Roly Owers, said:

“We have recently responded to an open letter from the ISES regarding Richard Davison’s presentation at our annual conference, highlighting that this event seeks to raise key equine welfare issues – to promote discussion and debate – two purposes that we believe were achieved by Richard’s presentation. We fully recognise the relevance of correctly fitting tack to the welfare of all equines and review the latest scientific literature to ensure our approach is as far as possible evidence-based.  World Horse Welfare believes that cooperation and partnership working are fundamental to achieving positive change to benefit equine welfare but this can only be effective with a practical, constructive and open-minded attitude.”