Improving Veterinary skills in Nicaragua


Veterinary teaching methodologies and equine clinical skills training for the Veterinary Faculty and students from the Universidad de Ciencias Comerciales in Nicaragua

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In Nicaragua, we have been supporting our local partner, the Universidad de Ciencias Comerciales, to help improve its Veterinary curriculum and, in turn. the treatment of horses in the local communities. Veterinary courses in Central America often fall short when it comes to horses, so we are helping the university develop their course materials, allowing the students to gain better skill sets with regards to treating working equines.

In April a teaching methodologies workshop for the Veterinary Faculty and an equine clinical diagnosis skills workshop, targeted at Veterinary students, were held at the university. The workshops were provided by international working equine health expert, Dr. Josep Subirana. Over 30 faculty members and all of the fourth and fifth year students took part in these workshops.

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Some of the topics covered were:

a) Teaching methodologies
b) Practical guides for veterinary field activities 
c) Revision of the competencies framework and the veterinary curriculum development 
d) Field practice in equine evaluation techniques
e) Application of the veterinary clinical governance procedures 
f) Field practice to evaluate dental and hoof problems

The workshops have since been evaluated and, alongside the Veterinary Faculty, an action plan has been developed. This outlines the key aspects that need continued monitoring and those that need further development in order to improve the quality of training provided to the vet students and the veterinary treatments given to working horses. This action plan will be fully supported by us and we hope to see continued improvements to the veterinary care of working horses in Nicaragua.