Mother and Son Have a Bright Future Thanks to Lancashire Rehomers


World Horse Welfare Ralph and Tiggy leave difficult past behind

Ralph & Tiggy

Rescue ponies World Horse Welfare Ralph and his mother Tiggy are being showcased as part of World Horse Welfare’s annual Rehome a Horse Month following their progress and achievements with their rehomers, Chorley-based Joanne and Rossendale-based Zara.

Tiggy and Ralph together

Tiggy came into World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre after being abandoned with a group of other horses in late 2012. The harsh winter was about to set in and with all the horses not receiving the care they needed, they were removed to safety by the RSPCA and World Horse Welfare. Tiggy was also pregnant at the time and gave birth to a colt foal, Ralph, in March the next year. Thanks to the experienced team at World Horse Welfare, both mother and son flourished and were soon ready to start new lives in new homes. 

Tiggy when found

- Tiggy when she was found

Ralph was rehomed to Chorley-based Joanne who first heard about rehoming at a Penny Farm Open Day. She said:

“I was looking for a companion for my daughter’s pony and really loved the idea of taking on a youngster so we could continue their education and potentially ride in the future. I saw Tiggy in the field at Penny Farm and thought she was stunning without even realising that Ralph (who we had gone to visit) was her son! We’ve spent the last few months building up Ralph’s trust and have taught him to wear a bit, to lunge and to go into the trailer as we hope to show him in-hand this summer.

Ralph headshot

“Ralph is such a loveable character and is so affectionate. When we’re mucking out his stable he will come and put his head on your shoulder to ask for attention! I would absolutely recommend rehoming to anyone. The process was so straightforward and there is a fantastic choice of horses and ponies who are all in need of loving homes.”

Rossendale-based Zara was looking for a new pony for her daughter Kaylee after outgrowing her first pony and decided to see what World Horse Welfare had available for rehoming. Zara said:

“When we saw Tiggy on the website it was love at first sight, she looked amazing on every photo and we just knew she was the right pony for us. Tiggy and Kaylee have built up an incredible partnership, competing at dressage, taking part in all Pony Club disciplines and recently enjoying their first ride on the beach together.”

Tiggy on beach

Kaylee said:

“The best thing about Tiggy is that she has a great personality and is so confident in everything she does. She always makes me feel happy and often makes me laugh with her cheekiness. If she does something she knows she shouldn’t then she will just stand and look the other way as though it wasn’t her fault! If I’m walking round the arena she will follow right behind me. If I run she will trot after me and if I stop then she stops too. I trust her completely.”

Tiggy jumping

“We would definitely recommend rehoming from World Horse Welfare as it has been such a fulfilling experience.”

Rehome a Horse Month 2016, supported by Dodson & Horrell, shines a light on the horses and ponies who are looking for homes but also celebrates the amazing stories of the 1,700 World Horse Welfare horses and ponies currently out in homes around the country from those competing at eventing, dressage, vaulting and showjumping to pleasure driving, hacking, side-saddle and those who provide faithful friendship to their rehomers and equine companions.

Tiggy and Ralph together 2

World Horse Welfare marked another record-breaking year for rehoming in 2015, with 320 horses and ponies finding loving new homes across the country. World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive and Head of UK, Tony Tyler, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to have once again rehomed a record number of horses in 2015 and it is very positive to see more and more people choosing to rehome instead of buying a horse or pony. Rehoming is vital to the sustainability of World Horse Welfare’s work, as each horse finding a new home gives us space to take in more horses who are desperately in need of our help.

“The amazing stories showcased through Rehome a Horse Month not only demonstrate the many benefits of rehoming but also make it clear just how much our horses and ponies are capable of achieving, whatever their background.”

Ralph grazing

Dodson & Horrell CEO, Sam Horrell said:

“We are delighted to be supporting the Rehome a Horse Month, it is important to raise awareness for this great initiative and help find suitable homes for horses and ponies that will give them a new life.  I am excited to hear all about the horses and ponies that have been successfully rehomed.”

You can find out more about rehoming at:

Tiggy dressage