New borns at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm


Staff at World Horse Welfare’s Penny Farm, near Blackpool got their Easter surprise early, when arriving to work on Friday morning they were greeted with two new foals from two different mares.

New foal born at Penny Farm

Zoe Clifford, Penny Farm’s visitor officer explains: “Karen our yard supervisor had been doing late checks on Thursday night and found that one of our pregnant mares had foaled in the early evening.  However, when we arrived the following morning a second mare from the group had also given birth, so we have two foals – one filly and one colt.”

New foal at Penny Farm The two new mothers, Thistle and Tiggy came to World Horse Welfare at the end of 2012 as part of a welfare case from Yorkshire.  They were undernourished and very thin.

The local field officer had been working with their owner for some time to try to improve the conditions in which the horses were being kept and to also reduce the number of horses in her care. 

Unfortunately, cases like this are becoming all too common, with people overbreeding and finding that they end up with more horses than they can properly care for.

Now nursed back to full health, Thistle and Tiggy can take good care of their new arrivals.

Visitors can meet the foals this Easter weekend on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st from 11am until 4pm - and can even name the little ones by taking part in Penny Farm’s name the foals’ competition.