New workshops in Cape Town inspire working horse owners


CHPA's area workshops challenge the preconceptions of working horse owners in South Africa.

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This June, our partners in Cape Town, South Africa, the Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA), have held three World Horse Welfare-funded area workshops in Valhalla Park, Kalksteenfontein and Freedom Farm. A total of 29 owners and drivers attended.

These were the second round of workshops we have undertaken and the format has been significantly changed with new topics introduced and many more visuals added. Topics covered were:

  • Equine Economy: the cost of having a foal. The cost of breeding and raising a horse was explained to the horse owners to encourage them to geld their stallions.
  • The Five Freedoms: recognised internationally for all animals; freedom from hunger and thirst, from discomfort, from pain, injury and disease, from fear and distress and freedom to express normal behaviour. These were covered with our working horse owners and discussions on how to provide these freedoms were very engaged.
  • Stabling: proper stable management, how a stable should look and what improvements are possible in the are.
  • Colic: what colic surgery looks like and how to avoid obstruction of the gut.
  • Leg injuries: what happens when a horse is worked too hard and fast and the roads, the negative impact this may have on tendons and ligaments and how to identify a lame horse.  

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At the end of the workshops a mini survey is always done with the attendees to ensure we are being as effective as possible. By doing this, we find out what the real "lightbulb" moments were, what was enjoyable and what elements need to be improved in order to engage the owners. The attendees really enjoyed the video elements in this round of workshops and have taken away a huge amount of information allowing them to improve the lives of their working animals and engage other horse owners in the area.

Owners left very motivated and keen to make changes, highlighting just how vital our workshops are in changing perceptions. You can help us continue this work by donating today.