Owner banned from keeping horses after pony was found starved and lice-infested


An owner has been banned from keeping equines for five years after one of his ponies was found close to death.

Sapphire upon arrival at Hall Farm

Scott Daley, 25, of Cornwell Close, Soham, also received a two year conditional discharge and costs of £1000 were awarded against him after being charged with failing to provide a suitable diet, parasite control and veterinary care for a three-year-old filly called Sapphire.

Following a call from a concerned member of the public, World Horse Welfare attended Barcham Stables in Soham, Cambs where field officer, Jacko found the youngster.

He says:

"I found the little mare hidden away at the back of the property, although indoors she had a very badly fitting rug which was covering up the state of her body, as soon as I took it off it was obvious she needed to see a vet, and we needed to get her out of there."

At the time the pony was signed over immediately to World Horse Welfare so that Sapphire could undergo rehabilitation with World Horse Welfare, the largest horse rescue and rehoming charity in Britain.

Hall Farm Assistant Manager Justina Smith for the charity's Norfolk Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Hall Farm, where Sapphire was rescued to says:

"The poor mare was severely emaciated which made her rehabilitation a really long process. She had constant diarrhoea so we had to build her up slowly with a fibre high diet, anything more than that and she would fall ill again.


She was very weak with no muscle at all so it took months for her to put weight back on, we also had to clip her coat as she was so badly infested with lice. It was a real slow and gentle progression with Sapphire.


Sapphire has always been so friendly despite her past and is an especially sweet mare – she is looking really good now and will make a great companion for someone.”

Daley was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to Sapphire at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on December 10 of this year.

Jacko ends with:

" I am very impressed with the Cambridge Magistrates, they showed they had a real grasp of the evidence, and as a result the conviction reflected the seriousness of the offence."

Sapphire has since made a full recovery in the care of World Horse Welfare, where she is waiting to find a new home.

However, because of the long-term malnutrition, she now has growth problems with her front legs, which means she will never be strong enough to be ridden so Sapphire will be rehomed as a companion.

You can rehome Sapphire here.