Rehomed pony celebrates 40th birthday


It’s not every day that a horse turns 40, but that’s exactly what happened last week as Gatewood Ella celebrated the milestone birthday with her rehomer Jo.

Gatewood Ella

Companion pony Ella came to World Horse Welfare Glenda Spooner Farm back in 2008 following concerns for a group of horses near Southampton.  Ella was underweight, covered in lice and generally in poor condition when she arrived.

Sara, a yard supervisor at World Horse Welfare, remembers the day Ella arrived:

“Ella was in quite a sorry state when she came to us. As well as being thin and covered in lice, her teeth were really overgrown which was causing her considerable problems when she tried to eat.

Gatewood Ella

- Ella on arrival at World Horse Welfare


“She was quite old even back then but it’s amazing how after a few months she was back in good physical condition and was starting to show her real lust for life.” 

After spending some time on loan to continue her rehabilitation, she was rehomed in 2010. After spending the first couple of years in her new home going to local shows to take part in the in-hand veteran classes – where she was by far the oldest competitor - Ella is now enjoying her twilight years as a companion.

"She still has moments of cantering around the field with her tail in the air like a two year old!"

Rehomer Jo tells us:

“Nowadays Ella is happy to relax in the field with her two companions. She’s very nosey and likes to ‘help’ with the gardening and feeding the goats and chickens! She doesn’t miss a trick and is the cheekiest pony I know!

Gatewood Ella

Sadly, Ella lost her best friend Flick a couple of years ago which caused a spell of grief and adjustment. Thankfully, she came through the other side and with the company of two new companions is back to her old self again.

“Ella is just amazing and doesn’t look or act her age at all. She still has moments of cantering around the field with her tail in the air like a two year old! She makes everyone smile – I really wouldn’t be without her and she has a home with me for life.”