Catching up with 6 horses and ponies who were rehomed in 2017.


We asked six rehomers how they are getting on with their rehomed World Horse Welfare horses and ponies.

World Horse Welfare Sparkie



Sparkie was rehomed to Charles and Anisha in March 2017.


Anisha said:

"Sparkie enjoys the usual routine of fibre feed and grooming, but has also taken to free jumping readily. He is jumping well over a metre in height and a similar spread. He came trick-or-treating with us in the village at Halloween, and was given pears and carrots from bemused residents. He loves going for walks in the area and sampling the vegetation. We had him in a black veiled fly mask in the summer and he seemed to enjoy poking his head over the fence at the roadside to spook passers by!"



World Horse Welfare Bee



Rehomed to Diane as a companion with potential 


Diane says:

"Bee found me really.  I went to Penny Farm to look at two other ponies but Bee had been brought in from the field as they thought she would suit my requirements.  I approached World Horse Welfare as my 8 year old mare had been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis of the stifle and needed a companion and a quieter life.  At Penny Farm, Bee immediately put her head on my shoulder, snuggled into my neck and stole my heart.  She has been amazing and is the most adorable and loving pony I have ever come across. She captures the hearts of everyone she meets.

She has enjoyed walks out and about, including in traffic, and even had a paddle in the sea. She has recently had her first experience being the perfect patient with the dentist."




World Horse Welfare Dominic



Dominic (pictured right) was rehomed to Linda in June 2017 and now lives near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.


Linda says:

"Dominic has been with me since the end of June. He settled in very well and he and Encanto (my own horse) got on straight away and are good friends. I got Dominic to keep Encanto company as he does not like being out on his own even though there are horses on both sides!  He is a companion only and in the winter he is stabled, only out for a few hours a day due to Suffolk mud. From mid April to October he is out 24/7 with Encanto. He comes in and eats hay when I ride."



World Horse Welfare Mariette



Mary rehomed Mariette last year.

Mary said:

"Mariette has settled well – she took a little time to fully trust us, but she’s now very relaxed and happy. She spends a lot of her time eating fresh grass (her favourite hobby), sleeping in the sun or in the field shelter and hanging out with her friend Amara and playing tag. She is also fascinated by the neighbour's dog, and can stand for hours watching him!"



World Horse Welfare Trigger 2


Trigger was rehomed to Alison in January 2017.


Alison said:

"Trigger is now an integral part of my small ‘herd’ which is 4 horses (including him) and a donkey. The lead mare gave him a hard time at first but he certainly respects her leadership! The donkey protected him a bit at first which was interesting to watch. I take him out for walks and do groundwork with him - he likes to watch out for what is going on and any doors or gates left open that lead somewhere interesting (the hay barn, for example). He also just likes to hang out and charges around happily with his field mates when they move fields."



World Horse Welfare Olly



 Olly was rehomed in March 2017 to Lesley.


"My friend and I love hacking around the countryside - we relax and have a chat and this suits Olly down to the ground. She’s safe and the only thing she ever does is stop to have a good nosey around! When I drive to the stables she sees my car coming and whinnies to me which is so lovely. I love her to bits."