Special Home Sought for Hector


Handsome Hector in need of loving new home to continue his development

World Horse Welfare Hector

Nine year old, 14.1hh Beuehorne Hector came into our care as a large welfare case in the winter of 2015.

His owner was elderly and had become unable to care for the group of more than 40 mares, foals and stallions running feral on 150 acres of land so a joint rescue operation was undertaken by World Horse Welfare, the RSPCA and Redwings Horse Sanctuary to round up and transport them all to World Horse Welfare’s Hall Farm.

Most of the group were in good bodily condition but had been more or less left to their own devices and as a result had experienced little or no human contact.

Hector has undergone almost two years of rehabilitation with World Horse Welfare, building his handling and confidence in humans but he is now looking for a home where he can receive one-to-one attention to help him continue developing.

Lovely Hector has been looking for a home for over a year and has still yet to find the right person. He has great potential for the future but given his history, will need an experienced rehomer with the appropriate facilities, time and patience.

Hector’s groom, Lizzie Bird, said:

“Hector is a really handsome chap who does need firm boundaries setting but is willing and kind-hearted. Whilst Hector is relatively mature in age at nine years old, he has had little human contact most of his life and so is very green and inexperienced. Hector will need a regular routine and consistent handling to help him adjust to a new home and build a bond with his rehomer but in the right hands I’m confident he will go far. I’ve really enjoyed working with him in his time at the farm and I’d love to see him find the right home where he can continue his learning.”


World Horse Welfare Hector