Theon's story


Read the story of Theon, the Belwade Farm adoption horse.

Theon's design

Theon: the story behind the sculpture

Theon was part of a large group of horses who had not been handled and were scared of human contact. A World Horse Welfare Field Officer visited the group every day for two weeks to gain their trust. Theon has come a very long way since coming into our care and has proved to have a cheeky personality. Theon’s design is inspired by his name which originates from ancient Greek astronomy and mathematics.

The design inspired by Theon's story

Theon's design

The artist: Students from the Artist, Designer: Maker course at Cardiff School of Art & Design

Students painting sculptures

Students from the Artist, Designer: Maker course at Cardiff School of Art & Design worked alongside their lecturer Philippa Lawrence at AMALGAM, Bristol to help paint some of the horse sculptures for the launch of the World Horse Welfare Sculpture Trail. The students involved welcomed the opportunity to work on this project and to learn about the charity and trail. They also created Theon's design.

Forming partnerships with organisations and undertaking live projects and placements are invaluable, aiding students to acquire necessary skills to work in the creative industries. They working incredibly well as as a team to bring the designs to life on several of the horses: both small and large.

The trail: Theon features on our Farm Trail at our Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre 

The trail code: 1162

Did you know 1,162 is the distance in kilometres that you would travel to visit all four of our adoption ponies, Clippy, Dalton,Theon and Star, at our UK Rescue and Rehoming Centres?

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