Raju's story


Read the story of Raju, a working horse in Nepal.


Raju: the story behind the sculpture

Raju (meaning King) is a working horse who is used in a brick kiln in Nepal. He has been helped by a World Horse Welfare project working with the local community to improve the conditions and care of working horses. Raju's evocative design has been inspired by his environment and by Nepalese culture. 

The design inspired by Raju's story

Raju's sculpture design

The artist: Deborah Meaden with Jan Jacquelin & Georgina Leigh

Entrepreneur, businesswoman and Dragon’s Den star Deborah is also passionate about horses. Deborah spoke at our annual conference in 2016 and gave a UK perspective on the invisible horses of the future – drawing on experiences from a day she spent with a World Horse Welfare Field Officer. Jan Jacquelin is a committed World Horse Welfare volunteer and very talented artist. Georgina Leigh is passionate about all things equine. She is an established equestrian artist and is sought after for her skills as an animal portrait artist. She is very proud to be supporting the World Horse Welfare sculpture trail.

The trail: Raju features on our Show Trail

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The sponsor: Hy Equestrian

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