Business skills

business skillsWe want our work to create lasting change. In order for our students to be able to help the working horse population in their area, they must be able to make a livelihood out of their new skills. Establishing a business can be daunting for anyone, particularly in countries where commercial infrastructure is only just beginning to develop.

To address this, we have integrated business skills courses into our programmes to provide our farriery and saddlery students with the knowledge required to succeed in generating income from their new career ventures.

Designed to meet the needs of each individual country, our courses help students to:

  • Create a vision for a small business related to their chosen discipline
  • Improve numeracy skills, including calculator skills required for a small business
  • Budget, cost and price services in order to make a profit
  • Understand the key principles of buying and selling services and goods
  • Set up and use record-keeping systems for a small business

From years of experience, we appreciate that equipping students with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge achieves a greater impact upon working horse welfare.