EU elections 2014 - who has pledged their support?

The European elections 2014 have now taken place. More than 7,000 of you sent 35,000 emails to your candidates, and 61 of them chose to sign our pledge for better horse welfare. Thank you to everyone who took part - and of course to all of those candidates who pledged their support for horses!

Below is a list of those MEPs who signed our pledge:





Michèle Rivasi



Franziska Keller



Seán Kelly



Marisa Matias


United Kingdom

Eastern Region

Vicky Ford - Conservative

Richard Howitt - Labour



Seb Dance - Labour

Mary Honeyball - Labour

Jean Lambert - Green


North East

Jude Kirton-Darling - Labour


North West

Jacqueline Foster - Conservative



Ian Hudghton - Scottish National Party

Alyn Smith - Scottish National Party

Catherine Stihler - Labour


South East

Catherine Bearder - Liberal Democrat

Keith Taylor - Green


South West

Ashley Fox - Conservative

Julie Girling - Conservative



Jill Evans - Plaid Cymru


Yorkshire and the Humber

Richard Corbett - Labour

Linda McAvan - Labour


All Member States have now declared their MEPs. If you think a name is missing, you can contact us