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World Horse Welfare Transport Take Action


Take action now to drive the abuse off Europe's roads. We need your help to continue our campaign to convince the European Commission to introduce a maximum journey limit of no more than 12 hours.

You have already proven how successful your action can be with the adoption of Written Declaration 54/2009. With your help and the help of MEPs and Member State Governments we can convince the European Commission to introduce a proposal for short finite journey limits and drive this abuse off Europe's roads for good.


Take action today:


  • Support our campaign with a donation to our appeal.
  • Sign our petition to urge the European Commission to change the law that is failing horses
  • Share the campaign across Europe today in any way you can - with your friends and family, on Facebook, on Twitter.
  • Help us go global - Are you a member of a forum or do you have friends and relatives abroad who you can tell about our work in Europe?
  • Write to the local press
  • Spread the word among the public - at shows, clubs, shops, events, parties, your yard...
  • Get creative to spread the word! Could you make your own campaigning t-shirt? Make posters and banners to display? What else could you do to get the word out there?

We would also love to hear about what you have been doing to support our campaign. Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter or email

Thank you so much for your invaluable support, and please keep up the great work!