Leaving your horse in your Will to safeguard their future




The thought of what might happen to your beloved horse, or horses should they outlive you can be very distressing. We understand that you want to know that when you are no longer there to care for them, someone else will be.

Leaving your horses to World Horse Welfare in your Will ensures that their future is secure.

If you leave your horse to us in your Will, on your death your executor(s) (the person you nominate to deal with your affairs after your death) will contact us and we will act promptly to ensure your horse's immediate needs are met and then take him or her into our care. It also means that finding a new home for your horse will be one less thing for your friends and family to worry about, during what will already be a very difficult time. We will do our very best to find your horse a new home through our Rehome A Horse scheme with someone who, like you, loves horses and will be delighted to welcome your horse into their family.

We promise that your horses will remain safe, in our ownership, for the rest of their lives.

If you would like to leave your horses to World Horse Welfare in your Will, you will need to register them with us. You can do this by emailing Lisa Gedge or telephoning 01953 497225 to request further information, a brochure and an Equine Details Form for each horse or by completing our online enquiry form. Find out more by clicking on the image below.

Register your horses


The welfare of horses is our primary concern and we know it is yours too. By considering leaving your horses to us in your Will, together with a financial pledge, not only can you ensure that your horse has a certain future, you will also be helping us to improve the lives of horses around the world.



It is our policy that all horses in our ownership are offered for rehoming through our rehoming scheme and it is only by finding homes for the horses already in our care that we are able to free up space to help more that are in desperate need.  All rehomed horses are regularly checked for the remainder of their lives to ensure their continued welfare.  Further information is available on our Rehome A Horse pages.

Due to the vast numbers of horses and ponies in the UK in desperate need, taking in welfare cases has to remain our priority (horses and ponies who have been abandoned, abused or neglected by their owners).  We undertake to assess all horses soon after they arrive in our care and, after they have completed their rehabilitation, seek to rehome them as soon as a suitable home has been found for each of them.  When taking in a group of horses each is assessed on an individual basis and suitable homes found accordingly, which may mean the original group are not rehomed together.

We appreciate that this might not be what you ideally want for your own horses but they are very sociable creatures and in our experience will readily make new friends whilst at our centres, and in their new homes.

We will look after your horse as you would, which means as the new owners, World Horse Welfare reserves the right to take action to safeguard the health, welfare and quality of life of every horse we own, including it it became necessary, compassionate euthanasia.

Your horse will be assessed at one of our Rescue and Rehoming Centres where we will give him or her the time needed to adapt to their new surroundings before doing all we can to find them a loving new home, either for riding, driving or as a companion to other horses.  Under the Terms and Conditions of our Rehoming Scheme we aim to provide every horse with a caring and loving rehomer.

Every potential rehomer is assesed by World Horse Welfare for suitability, experience and compatibility before we rehome a horse.  Paddocks and stabling are inspected and approved too.  Once your horse is living in his or her new home, they will be visited regularly - and unannounced - by one of our Field or Rehoming Officers to ensure that they are receiving a standard of care we consider suitable and that their future wellbeing is secure.  We want every horse in our care to enjoy the best quality of life.

We regret that If you are not the legal owner of a horse or pony in your care we are unable to register them or take them into our care.  We cannot take a horse into our care until we have seen a copy of the owner's Death Certificate.  Once a horse passes into the ownership of World Horse Welfare all rights to the horse pass entirely to World Horse Welfare.  Next of kin have no rights to receive the horse back or to exercise any other rights in respect of the horse.  Unfortunately, when a horse is taken into one of our centres no further contact is possible.

Calls may be recorded for training purposes

By giving your details, you agree to us contacting you to keep you up-to-date with our work and fundraising which may be up to seven times a year by post.  If you would ever like to change the way you hear from us, please call +44(0)1953 497239 or by email info@worldhorsewelfare.org.  We may process your data internally and enhance the details given by using publicly available information to help inform our fundraising or charitable activities, enabling us to help even more horses.  World Horse Welfare values our supporters and guarantee that your details will never be shared with third parties for marketing purposes. Please visit www.worldhorsewelfare.org/privacy for more details.

Please note: We regret that due to the logistics involved, we can only accept horses into our UK Rescue and Rehoming Centres who are resident on mainland UK.  The only exceptions to this are the Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Orkney Islands, Shetland Islands, Inner Hebrides and Outer Hebrides.

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